Young Coconut & Fresh Strawberry Smoothie




After a night of not eating as healthy as we should….ahem…late night poutine, I needed a little boost first thing in the morning!

I admit these young coconuts are expensive, unless I can find a reasonable supplier they will be off the table, at 4$ a pop they are a little much, but usually you can find them for half of that at smaller speciality markets.

Its super easy to open a young coconut, using a sharp knife, shave the top of the coconut until you see the rounded top, then using a large heavy knife you put the coconut on its side and hit the top creating a lid, make sure you keep your other hand at a safe distance like behind your back!!!  And pop the coconut back up side before you open the lid so you don’t spill the coconut water.



1 Young Coconut- Water & the Meat

1 Cup Fresh Strawberries


Step 1. Open your coconut as directed above & pour the water into your blender.



Step 2. Using a spoon scrape out all of the fresh coconut meat & place it in the blender with the coconut water.


Step 3. Toss in your cleaned strawberries and blend until smooth! If you prefer a colder smoothie, throw your strawberries in the freezer for 30 minutes before you blend!

Enjoy- Serves 1



Peach, Blueberry, Spinach & Avocado Smoothie


It’s the weekend and this is my breakfast hangover cure!  I like to have a coffee before I eat just to help wake me up and gain an appetite. So I usually slice up my fruit and put it in the freezer for an hour before I blend it to help give the smoothie a nice chill.

Serves 2 for your partner in crime.



1 Avocado- Sliced
2 Peaches- Sliced
1/2 Cup- Blueberries
2 Cups Spinach
1 Cup Almond Milk
Ice Cubes



Step 1- Add your spinach to the vitamix, then add all your additional fruit followed by your almond milk. If you want it to be colder go ahead an add a few ice cubes on top. Blend until smooth.

Step 2- Enjoy.


Cilantro, Cucumber & Watermelon Shake

3It has been so hot out the last few days I have no appetite whatsoever. Not that I’m complaining after a week of indulgence on our vacation!

Something refreshing is in order for breakfast, so I whipped up this super easy shake full of fibre, natural sweetness, and detoxing properties.

The colour is not as charming as you may like if your serving it for friends, but it tastes great and you can peel your cucumber for a lighter colour! Chill for a few minutes if you like a colder smoothie!


1 Cup Diced Cucumber

2 Cups Diced Watermelon

1 Handful of Cilantro


Step 1- Throw your cucumber, watermelon and cilantro in your Vitamix or blender and blend until smooth.

Step 2- Enjoy!

Serves 2

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