Raspberry Oat Pancakes- Vegan & Gluten Free


These oat cakes are our favourite weekend breakfast! They are  a perfect compromise between oatmeal and pancakes.   They have so much flavour and texture and are O’so good for you,  no gluten, dairy, refined sugars, oils, or eggs! Plus you get a dose of protein with your chia seeds, feel free to add extra protein powder if you want more of a protein kick!

They are super easy to whip up the only time consuming aspect is the cook time is about double that of a regular pancake.  Serve with your favourite jam or maple syrup. I prefer mine plain as the fruit is sweet enough!


1 Cup- Oat Flour (Packaged or grind from oat flakes or groats)

1 Teaspoon- Chia Seeds

1 Teaspoon- Baking Powder (gluten free option)

1 Cup- Coconut Milk

1/2 Cup- Fresh Fruit of your Choice





Step 1- Grind your oats into flour using your food processor or vitamix, or just use packaged oat flour. Add your baking soda & chia seeds.

Step 2– Add your coconut milk and let sit for five minutes for the chia seeds to gel. In the mean time pre heat your griddle to about 325 degrees or medium heat if using a skillet.

Step 3– Add your fruit, mix, and add batter to the griddle. Cook about 5 minutes on each side and press down when you flip to help cook all the way through.


Yields- Ten Oat Cakes!




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