Sushi Rolls

8This weekend we had some friends over and thought it would be fun to have an interactive dinner! They love sushi and suggested a sushi making party! This was slightly intimidating as I’ve never tried to do this before but it turned out to be so much fun. It was especially awesome because my husband has allergies to fish and usually can not order rolls just in case they are cross contaminated.

We started out using simple easy ingredients but I think we have graduated and next time will be a little more adventurous!  This was such a fun idea and I am really excited to make if for my parents who believe it or not have never tried sushi rolls, they are scared to try raw fish, so this will be the perfect way to have the sushi experience but using non intimidating items like smoked salmon, shrimp, scallops, and crab.  For all of you adventurous folks you can add your favourite raw fish.

The best part is I now know how easy it is to make sticky rice!!



Sushi Rice
3 Cups Sushi Grade Rice (It will say on the bag if its sushi grade)
1/2 Cup Rice Wine Vinegar
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt


1 Cup Slivered Green Onions
1 Cup Slivered Cucumber
1 Cup Silvered Red Pepper
1 Sliced Avocado

Smoked Salmon
Cooked Shrimp
(Any sushi grade fish  you like)

Sushi Rolling Bamboo Pads
Roasted Seaweed Sheets
Sesame Seeds
Ginger for Garnish
Soya Sauce for Dipping



Step 1– Make your rice. Rinse your rice with water until all of the starch is cleaned off, you will know its ready when it runs clear. Add your rice to your pot and add 2 cups of water then bring to a boil, make sure you constantly stir it so it does not burn…I almost made that mistake as it happens fast! Once boiling turn to minimum, stir, put the lid on the pot and let it sit for about 5 minutes or until all the water has evaporated. Remove from heat and season the rice with the vinegar, salt, and sugar. This step is important if you want your rice to taste like traditional sushi rice.

3 Step 2– After your rice has cooled, lay your bamboo roller on a flat surface and place your seaweed down rough side up. Using a small bowl of water mixed with a dash of rice wine vinegar, wet your hands and scoop out the rice with your hands making a tight row across your seaweed all the way to the side edges and about an inch from the top.


Step 3– Add your veggies, protein, and whatever garnish you would like. Then pull the seaweed to the edge of your matt and using the matt roll over top of your roll and firmly tighten your roll using the matt to roll it out to the end of the seaweed. Once you reach the end dip your fingers in the water and dampen half an inch of the remaining seaweed and seal it to your roll.

6Step 4- Using a sharp knife cut your roll in to bite sized pieces and enjoy with your favourite soya sauce, ginger and wasabi!

Makes enough for 4 people!  Enjoy and experiment!!! 🙂



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