Pear & Endive Salad


This simple refreshing salad, is a nice change from my usual romaine lettuce, spinach, or kale based salad. I love the bitter taste that you get from the endive especially when paired with the creamy bite of the blue cheese and sweet softness of the pear. If your not a huge blue cheese fan  you can substitute a tangy goat cheese but I would recommend punching up your salad dressing in that case to give it a little more zip which naturally occurs with the blue cheese.



2 Pears

2 Large Endives

Slice of Blue Cheese- Crumbled

1/4 Cup of Pecans or Walnuts- Crumbled

1 tablespoon- cream or salad dressing



Step 1- Dice up your endive & pear and mix together.

Step 2-Using a 1/4 of your blue cheese -mix it in with your tablespoon of cream to create a light blue cheese dressing. Toss with pear & endive.

Step 3-  Garnish with 3/4 of your crumbled blue cheese & nuts. Serve!



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