Fresh Raw Almond Milk

As far as I know I don’t have a dairy intolerance, but the idea of factory farm milk just doesn’t settle with me! So a few years ago I switched to soy and now almond milk, but like most of us I bought the boxed cartons from the store with their not so lovely fortified vitamins and preservatives. Finally I decided to try to make fresh almond milk, it was so easy and tasted amazing, I was shocked that no one told me how easy it was!! 


  • 1 cup raw almonds
  • 3 cups water to blend with almond
  • 1.5 cups of water to soak the almonds


Cover almonds with cold water  so that they are completely submerged and let  them soak  for around 8 hours or overnight. They plump up to almost double in size, you have to try one before you blend them, they are soft and chewy!

Drain and rinse the almonds, and remember not to use the water for consumption, as overnight it removes an enzyme inhibiting substance from the almonds coating and phytic acid which inhibits the absorption of minerals.

Throw the almonds in your blender along with the 3 cups of fresh water. Cover and blend on the highest setting for about 45 seconds to a minute, until its nice and frothy. 


Blend Almonds Until Frothy


Now its up to you if you want to strain your almond milk, I like to leave the grinds in for that extra fibre and protein but if you want that smooth texture or want to use the almond grinds for baking or coating meat, go ahead and strain it.

To strain the milk, line a fine mesh sieve with cheesecloth and pour the almond milk through the cheesecloth or use a metal sieve. After the liquid has strained through,  use your hands to ring out as much liquid from the almonds as possible. Dry out the almond meal for a wonderful addition to your baking!

Once you have your milk pour it into a storage container, I like to use recycled glass jars which keep the air out,  and then refrigerate. This should stay good for 4 to 5 days, but it wont last that long I guarantee, especially if your making morning smoothies!

Makes: 4 cups

Fresh Raw Almond Milk

Fresh Raw Almond Milk


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