Chocolate Power Protein Balls

Chocolate Oat Protein Balls

Chocolate Oat Protein Balls









The husband is away this week for work, so I usually go vegetarian, but I figured I would also be sad so I would want chocolate! So to get a boost of protein with a healthy chocolate indulgence, I instantly thought of these little oat gems!

I hate oatmeal, there’s no way to sugar coat it, its grey, mushy, gooey, and tasteless. Sometimes I wonder if secretly its recycled shredded cardboard. Sorry if I offended any oatmeal lovers. That being said I love Oats, go figure, recently I’ve been grinding oat groats and using the flour for anything and everything I make.

To add an extra punch of protein and use up the leftover almond meal from my homemade almond milk I throw in about half a cup to the mixture, it adds a nutty edge to the balls! If you don’t have any, you can grind or dice up almonds, I highly recommend soaking them first!

The best part about these balls, besides the power packed burst of flavor, is that you don’t have to bake them and they are ready instantly to satisfy that chocolate craving!



1.5 Cups of Quick Oats

1/2 Cup of almond pulp

1/2 Cup of soaked sunflower seeds

2 teaspoons of chia seeds

1 scoop of protein powder- chocolate flavor

1 tablespoon of cocoa

2 teaspoons of cinnamon


1/2 cup peanut butter

2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix your dry ingredients in a bowl- my almond meal was still moist as I had only strained it that morning, so in hindsight i should have mixed it with the wet ingredients.

Next either add the peanut butter, vanilla, and maple syrup in a sauce pan or a microwavable bowl and heat until you can easily mix syrup and vanilla into the peanut butter. Remove from heat and pour over the dry ingredients and mix until it forms a dry batter.

Using a tablespoon scoop batter and roll between your hands until you form a ball, place on parchment paper. You can eat them right away, or let them soak in the flavors! Store in the fridge or freezer if you want to keep them longer!

Protein Ball Wet Ingredients

Protein Ball Wet Ingredients



Note: Soak your sunflower seeds for about 20 min

Makes about 24 protein balls.


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